The Rattie Uprising Exhibit

Raising awareness for some of the most vulnerable, misunderstood and under-protected members of our animal family - the rat, rocked the San Francisco SPCA in 2016.
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San Francisco SPCA, 2016

Contributing Graphic Artists

Small Animals Unite! poster design

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The exhibition brought together images depicting rodents throughout art and popular culture.


The exhibit was augmented with art education workshops as attendees participated in hands on art events, encouraging empathy for all animals through creative artistic opportunities. 

Artists to create a design honoring this amazing underdog of the animal world.


From Moscow to Cambridge, artists in support of rats and small animals have been heeding the call submitting their designs for the Rattie Uprising, creating positive and powerful images that show small animals as fascinating individuals .

Over a 1,000 people attended the opening night festivities

Very special thanks: 
David Walega,

Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn,


Kathleen Marinaccio,

San Francisco SPCA,


Exhibit Contributors:

Rachael Steinke, Christopher Locke, Gina Lynn, Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn, Jenn Paz / Ratical Rodent Rescue

Rescuer Sponsors

Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital, Xaque Gruber


Advocate Sponsors

The Compassion Circle, Amber Chenoweth, William Eckhert, Exotic Animal Care Center, Vera Gutmann, Kelly Logan, Kathleen Marinaccio, Rita Morgan, Kathy Schramm, Yin Soriano, Sarah Wild  

All artworks are copyright of the artists 
© 2021 The Rattie Uprising/ David Walega


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