Why Rats?

Have you ever been judged unfairly? It hurts, doesn’t it? Let’s turn things around for rats and other small animals. If we can have empathy and appreciation for one of the most vilified animals, by extension we hope all animals will fall under the umbrella of our care and concern.

This exhibit is being produced by of Art for Animals' Sake (AFAS) and curator David Walega. We believe that all animals, no matter how small or large, are worthy of our compassion and respect.


This exhibit is inspired by these animals’ vastly complex social and emotional lives. The exhibit will challenge the viewer to reconsider rats as intelligent, devoted, and eminently lovable companions.



From printed materials and photographs to digital media, examples of rat and rodent inspired art will be collected in a travelling gallery show designed to adjust to most exhibit and public viewing spaces.


The exhibit has been designed to be transportable and to expand or be reduced to adjust to any layout. The presentation will include three moveable walls that fold for easy transportation, one with an embedded digital screen and a kid’s corner. These elements will easily fit into most gallery spaces requiring minimal wall space for hung art when not available.

Very special thanks to these exhibit volunteers:
Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn, EXHIBIT WRITER & EDITOR

Kathleen Marinaccio, CREATIVE CONSULTANT


Exhibit Contributors:

Rachael Steinke             Christopher Locke

Gina Lynn                      Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn

Jenn Paz / North Star Rescue

Rescuer Sponsors

Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital, Xaque Gruber


Advocate Sponsors

The Compassion Circle, Amber Chenoweth, William Eckhert, Exotic Animal Care Center, Vera Gutmann, Kelly Logan, Kathleen Marinaccio, Rita Morgan, North Star Rescue, Kathy Schramm, Yin Soriano, Sarah Wild  

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All artworks are copyright of the artists 
© 2019 The Rattie Uprising/ David Walega

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